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Spring 2022
Live Site:

TuftsNow is the official source for news about Tufts University campus life, innovation, research and more. We worked closely with the TuftsNow team to enhance the visual design and flexibility of the site while utilizing the Tufts University brand language. Our goal for the project was to build a site that tells the story of "now" via dynamic use of typography, color, and content component modularity for a dynamic editorial experience. 

Dynamic Logo Stickers

The cleanliness of the updated logo offered a unique opportunity TuftsNow to show off some personality. A suite of logo "stickers" (dynamic and static) was created to celebrate holidays and occasions on the site to further tell the story of "now". 

Editorial Artwork

A library of abstract artwork was created to accommodate articles on the TuftsNow site that don't come with a clear direction for imagery. This library offers a dynamic sense of editorial personality for the site. 

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