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ShadowBox Training sees what others don’t — they help institutions and organizations improve critical thinking, cognitive skills, and high stakes decision making through sophisticated and proprietary training modules and processes. ShadowBox offers varied training modules to a range of market segments from law enforcement and military to child welfare and corporate ventures. ShadowBox was founded by Gary Klein, a research psychologist famous for pioneering in the field of naturalistic decision making.

Our challenge was to reimagine the ShadowBox web experience to clarify the company’s purpose and mission and better engage target audiences with regard to a varied set of service offerings. Visually, we were charged with establishing ShadowBox as a premier training resource for high stake decision making. We created a visual identity and a simple, yet immersive, web experience to evoke a sense of emotional richness and evocative curiosity. 

We worked with the ShadowBox team to create an architecture and expression for new content such as case studies and clarified services offering. We created a robust news feed to leverage Gary as an integral part of the brand, as Gary is active in social media, public speaking, and publishing. Features such as call-to-action and rich FAQ modules were built into the site to clarify the sophisticated nature of ShadowBox's training offerings and optimize new business inquires.

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