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Semiovox is a brand semiotics consultancy that reveals not just what things mean, but how. Semiovox studies category and culture “codes” helping to shape and guide consumers’ intuitive decision-making process around how relevant and engaging a particular brand is.

The team at Semiovox wanted to create an online platform to publish semiotic study insights and musings in a rich blog-like manner as a means to generate media interest and garner market exposure.

We designed a vintage inspired typographic-centric identity to complement the open and responsive web experience to invite users to experience the unique and wonderful way in which Semiovox sees (and analyses) the world, past and present.

A rich taxonomy strategy was employed to allow users to navigate via a deep categorization system that is as varied and seemingly mysterious as the visuals — owls and beavers to chess and graffiti to thick and thin description.

We created a robust editorial-first web experience for Semiovox that performs dual service as a publishing platform and company marketing site. The homepage features a responsive article feed to entice users to delve into the color-rich article pages. We employed a variable header design feature within articles to leverage the sometimes quirky and fun reference images, from the likes of Mickey Mouse to Anthony Michael Hall and OK Soda to the hemp infused water, Recess.

Portraits of the partners by Seth.

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