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MIT Climate Portal

MIT Climate is an online portal that engages a global community in understanding and sharing climate change science and solutions, drawing from work happening across the Institute. MIT Climate was originally created to serve a community of experts and scientists working within MIT. We worked with the Climate team to better tell the story of climate science to a broader audience. Our goal was to establish the Climate Portal as a go-to public resource for understanding climate change science and solutions being developed at MIT and beyond. We redesigned key landing points and developed an architecture that engages multiple depths of learning, as the site was to continue to serve as a bustling aggregator of research, events, and action happening across the MIT community.

We created a new dynamic logo and brand system for the portal and commissioned a set of marquee illustrations from one of our favorite and brilliant illustrators, Rick Pinchera.


Explainers are a key component of the new architecture and design system. Experts from within the MIT Community contribute to in-depth articles on facets of Climate science and research targeted to public awareness and learning.

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